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Apple WWDC 2021 Keynote Live and Event All Update; Launches New iPadOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS | iPhone will work as a digital ID at the airport, Siri will run without internet; Know what happened at the event?


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  • Apple WWDC 2021 Keynote Live And Event All Update; Launches New iPadOS, MacOS, TvOS And WatchOS

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Apple announced several of its new OS and app updates at the World Wide Developer Conference that started late on Monday. The company has released the preview of iOS 15 for its developers. After testing, it will be released for other users. Soon your iPhone will work as a digital ID at US airports. This event is happening virtually due to the Kovid-19 epidemic. The event will run from 7 to 11 June. Let’s see what happened in the event…

iOS 15 preview released

  • It was already believed that the company can talk about iOS 15 in this event. The company has given separate details about many apps included in this OS. FaceTime has received some important updates with audio and voice isolation. Especially it helps to reduce background noise to make the conversation more effective.
  • Notifications get a facelift with text notifications and a contact photo on the larger app icon. iOS 15 will get a new filter mode, which is called Focus. This will allow you to customize which notifications appear during different activities. These settings will sync across devices.

Facetime has many features

  • Apple has added a new Calling SharePlay feature to its video and music share FaceTime app. With the help of this feature, users will be able to watch or listen to synced content with everyone else on the call. You will be able to watch both on the same screen by either casting content to an Apple TV device while on a call or using Picture in Picture.
  • Shareplay won’t just be limited to Apple TV and Music. It is an API in which developers can integrate their services. Disney Plus, Hulu, TikTok and more are already on board. This feature will also be there for users who are joining calls using the newly announced FaceTime for web.
  • Now FaceTime calls will come with Spatial Audio support. This will make the call very natural and smooth. When there is a bunch of people on the screen, even then the sound will be heard at once. FaceTime will work better with voice isolation and turning off background noise. Users can use “wide spectrum” audio instead of voice isolation.
  • Now it will get grill view. At the same time, Portrait mode will also be available, which will automatically blur the background. Users can create a “Facetime link” to join the call. It works on Android, Windows and the web.

Apple AirPods made easy to listen and find

  • Apple has announced that with iOS 15 there will be several improvements in the quality of AirPods as well. This includes enhanced Find My support and a wider range of notifications, along with the ability to boost the voice of people talking to you.
  • The company says that the “Conversation Boost” feature will help people who have difficulty hearing other people’s voices while talking. It will try to isolate the voice of the person in front of you with the sliders.
  • AirPods can already announce messages and texts, but now they’re gaining the ability to read other important information. It will also support Mac machines and Apple TVs.
  • The easily lost headphones are also getting Find My capability, which includes AirTag-like proximity scenes. Which tells you how far away your devices are. Your phone will alert you if you miss your AirPods.

Will soon work as an iPhone ID at the airport

  • Apple has announced an update for its Wallet app. With this update, you will be able to use your iPhone as a digital ID at US airports. The company showed you how to scan a driver’s license or state ID in US states. Which will then be encrypted and stored in the secure enclave of the iPhone.
  • The company says it is working with the TSA to allow the iPhone to be used as identification at airport security checkpoints. She is working to allow hotels to have room keys through Apple Wallet. With which you can collect the key of the room before reaching the hotel. Home keys and work keys were also announced in the Wallet app.

Apple adds privacy feature to Mail and Safari

  • Apple has always been paying attention to the privacy security of the user. In such a situation, the company has added powerful privacy features to Mail and Safari at WWDC 2021.
  • The company has announced Mail Tracking Pixels, which can be included in some emails to let third parties know when their messages have been opened. In the mail too, Apple has strengthened the privacy of the users. According to software manager Katie Skinner, the user will now be able to hide the IP address by default.

Apple Siri will work without internet

  • Apple’s digital assistant Siri will now process audio on-device by default. That is, you can use it without internet connection. The company says that the upgrade series will be more responsive.
  • Apple says that the use of Siri on audio devices will become more private. It implements the company’s Well Stabilized preference to implement machine learning features on the device, instead of sending data to the cloud.

watchOS 8 announced with new health features

  • Apple has announced watchOS 8, the company’s latest OS for the Apple Watch. The new software is an upgraded version of last year’s watchOS 7. It is going to be the first one available for developers to test their apps. Later it is expected to be released to all users.
  • Apple is launching a new mindfulness app. The Breathe app inspires you to breathe throughout the day. It is adding new animations and other features to help you relax.
  • There are many types of workouts for Tai Chi and Pilates available on the fitness app. Apple Watch’s Health app will track your breathing rate and notify you if it’s out of your normal pattern.

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