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Best Android Trick and Tips How to make your smartphone like a TV remote to change and select channel aaaq


Nowadays, new technology is being invented every day, in such a way how TV would be left behind. Earlier, on TV, we used to depend on broadcasters and on TV there was no option except for their programs. But now Smart TV is in the trend, on which you can read many OTT channels, apart from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and your office mails. Many global companies such as Sony, Samsung, Nokia, Xiaomi are launching more than one smart TV in the market. Today we will tell you how you can operate your smart TV from your mobile too. With the increasing trend of smart TVs, the dependence on them increased. All smart TVs come with voice enable command, together we get a remote to command the smart TV, but if you type from this remote to search some programs then you will know that this is not an easy task. Would. (Also Read- Vivo’s Beautiful Smartphone With 44 Megapixel Selfie Camera Has Been Already Cheap, Will Get 8GB RAM) In such a situation, we all think that our remote would also be easy to type like a mobile, if you think the same, then this news is special for you. Today we will tell you in a few easy steps that, by which you can connect your Smart TV to your Smartphone, operate your Smart TV … Android TV app is a great option in this way, because this app gives your mobile a The multiple function converts to a remote, and together you get a great keyboard so that you can type anything easily. (Also read- Apple’s popular iPhone 12 Mini can be brought home at a discount of Rs 14,500, XDR OLED display will be available) With this, this app also gives you a trackpad. So let us tell you about some easy steps that how you can use this app. >> First of all you have to download Android TV Remote from Play Store, this app is available for both Android and iOS platforms. >> Now connect your smartphone and Android Smart TV on the same Wifi. >> Open your Android TV app and wait until your smart TV is detected. >> When your Smart TV starts appearing on the app, tap on it and enter the PIN shown on the TV in the app. >> Now your mobile is fully ready to operate your TV.


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