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Coronavirus Outbreak/Vaccine Latest Update; USA Brazil Russia UK France Cases and Deaths from COVID-19 Virus | 3.67 lakh new cases came on the last day, 8,808 died; Daily cases reduced by 55% in the last one and a half months


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The cases of corona in the world are now decreasing to some extent. On Tuesday, the corona report of 3 lakh 67 thousand 158 people in the world came positive. During this, 8,808 people also died due to infection. It was a matter of relief that on Tuesday, 4 lakh 57 thousand 825 people defeated Corona.

Talking about the last one and a half months, there has been a decline of up to 55% in daily cases in the world. On May 1, coronavirus was confirmed in 8 lakh 14 thousand 402 people in the world. This figure saw a decline of 4.47 lakh on the previous day.

Most cases in Brazil
In the last 24 hours, the maximum number of cases were reported in Brazil. Corona was confirmed in 88,992 people here on Tuesday. After this, the corona report of 62,226 people came positive in India, 27,260 in Argentina, 24,452 in Colombia and 14,185 in Russia.

Brazil also has the highest number of deaths
The highest number of deaths on Tuesday also occurred in Brazil. On the previous day, 2,760 people lost their lives due to infection. After this, 1,470 people died in India, 599 in Colombia, 586 in Argentina and 379 in Russia. Apart from this, in America, 353 people died due to infection.


  • Israel has become the first country in the world in the midst of Corona, where now there will be no need to apply masks even in indoor (closed places). The Health Ministry gave exemption from this restriction from Tuesday. Only 11 cases of corona were reported here on the previous day and not a single death occurred.
  • According to the report, America with a population of 328.5 crores has put in 43.7%, Britain with a population of 670 million has 44%, Germany with a population of 84 million, 26.3% and Poland with a population of 39 million has put 25.7% of its population. Whereas India with a population of about 140 crores has so far been able to vaccinate only 3.5% of the people.

Corona cases decreased in the world in 50 days: WHO
In the last 50 days, the cases of corona in the world have decreased rapidly. WHO said that the number of deaths due to corona has come down. This information is special, because for the first time in a year and a half, the number of corona infected in the whole world has decreased. WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has given this information.

17.74 crore cases so far
So far more than 1774 million people have been infected with the corona virus in the world. Of these, 38.38 lakh people have died, while 16.18 crore people have defeated Corona. Presently 1.17 crore people are being treated. Of these, 1.16 crore people have mild symptoms of corona and the condition of 83,687 people remains critical.

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