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Coronavirus Outbreak/Vaccine Latest Update; USA Brazil Russia UK France Cases and Deaths from COVID-19 Virus | Third wave knocks in Britain; 11,007 cases came in the last 24 hours, this is the highest in the last 4 months


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The third wave of Corona has knocked in Britain. Corona was confirmed in 11,007 people here on Thursday. This is the largest number of cases coming in a day in the last 4 months. Earlier on February 18, 11,994 cases were found. Corona cases have increased in Britain when a full month has passed since the country was unlocked.

The process of unlocking started here from May 17. Experts say that cases of corona are increasing in Britain due to the delta variant. Out of the number of cases found in a month, 90% have been infected due to the delta variant.

Delta variant raises concern in England
On the other hand, studies on the delta variant in England have raised concerns. According to this, due to this variant, the number of infected in Britain has doubled in just 11 days. This report, which came on Thursday, has been prepared by Imperial College London. Under this, swab test was taken from one lakh houses from 20 May to 7 June. In this, this deadly virus was found in 15% of the people.

Cornwall: 10% increase in cases after G-7 summit
After the three-day G-7 summit held last week in Cornwall, England, cases of corona have started increasing there. Up to 10% of new cases have been found in Cornwall in a week. The Chief Executive Officer of Cornwall said that the hotels had to be closed due to the increasing cases of Corona. At the same time, the reasons for the increase in cases in Cornwall after the end of the G-7 have raised concerns, because during the conference the leaders appeared several times without masks. Also, there was no social distancing between them.

19 variants of Corona in Brazil; The P.1 strain is responsible for 89% of cases
Brazilian scientists said that 19 new variants of corona have been identified in Sao Paulo. Due to these, deaths have started increasing in Brazil. This information has been given by the Brazilian Biological Research Center, Institut Butanton. It was reported that the P.1 (Amazon) strain is responsible for 89.9% of the cases in these variants. Next comes the alpha variant found in the UK, which is responsible for 4.2% of corona cases.

Indonesia: 300 doctors who got Chinese vaccine infected
In Indonesia, more than 300 such doctors were hit by the epidemic, who had received a dose of the corona vaccine. He was given a dose of the Chinese vaccine Sinovac. Most doctors are asymptomatic. There are also some doctors whose oxygen level is very low. Due to the delta variant in Indonesia, more than 10 thousand cases have been received after 4 months on Wednesday. Here 90% of the hospitals are filled.

3.85 lakh cases came in the world on the last day
In the last 24 hours, 3.85 lakh infected people have been identified in the world. During this, 8,648 people also died due to corona. It was a matter of relief that during this period 3.92 lakh people were also cured of corona. Most cases were reported in Brazil. The corona report of 74,327 people came positive here on Thursday and the highest number of 2,335 deaths were also reported.

17.81 crore cases so far
So far more than 17.81 crore people have been infected with the corona virus in the world. Of these, 38.56 lakh people have died, while 16.26 crore people have defeated Corona. Presently 1.16 crore people are being treated. Of these, 1.15 crore people have mild symptoms of corona and the condition of 82,510 people remains critical.

Top-10 countries, where so far most people have been infected

country infected deaths healed
America 34,377,592 616,440 28,641,439
India 29,761,964 383,521 28,573,021
Brazil 17,704,041 496,172 16,077,483
France 5,749,691 110,634 5,536,319
Turkey 5,354,153 49,012 5,219,797
Russia 5,264,047 127,992 4,839,705
Britain 4,600,623 127,945 4,296,246
Italy 4,249,755 127,190 4,023,957
Argentina 4,222,400 87,789 3,818,346
Spain 3,859,824 98,156 3,589,895

(These figures are according to www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/)

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