Did not see these ghats in Vrindavan, then did nothing, you will be surprised to know the story of Krishna pastimes


Kaliya Mardan Ghat located in Vrindavan depicts the story of Lord Krishna and Kaliya Nag.
Vanshivat Ghat of Vrindavan is famous all over the world for its Maharas.

Famous ghats of Vrindavan: Varanasi of Uttar Pradesh is also known as the city of temples. On the other hand, Banaras, situated on the banks of river Ganga, is known worldwide for its beautiful ghats. By the way, there are innumerable ghats in Varanasi. But do you know that not only Varanasi but also some ghats of Vrindavan are very famous among tourists. Seeing whom you can add charm to your journey.

Lord Krishna spent his childhood in Vrindavan, situated on the banks of Yamuna river. Because of which Vrindavan is considered to be the witness of countless Krishna pastimes. At the same time, the beautiful Ghats of Vrindavan are also not untouched by the stories of Krishna. In such a situation, you can make your journey wonderful by exploring some famous Ghats during the tour of Vrindavan. So let’s know about some famous ghats of Vrindavan and many unique features related to them.

Kaliya Mardan Ghat

Kaliya Mardan Ghat located in Vrindavan depicts the story of Lord Krishna and Kaliya Nag. According to which, on this ghat, Lord Krishna danced on the hood of Kaliya Nag by taking him under his control.

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Bihar Ghat

Bihar Ghat of Vrindavan is also considered to be the witness of many pastimes of Lord Krishna. It is believed that Krishna along with his elder brother Balram and other cowherds used to sit on this ghat and have food while grazing cows. At the same time, Krishna also created many pastimes on the banks of this ghat.

Govind Ghat

Govind Ghat of Vrindavan is famous all over the world for its Maharas. According to mythological stories, Lord Krishna appeared on this ghat when the Gopis organized Maharas. After which this ghat came to be known as Govind Ghat. Even today, Raas Leelas are performed at this Ghat throughout the year.

Chir Ghat

The Chir Ghat located in Vrindavan is the symbol of Lord Krishna’s pastime of stealing rags. According to beliefs, Lord Krishna had stolen the clothes of the gopis on this ghat of Yamuna river. It is said that with this leela, God wanted to give a message to the Gopis not to bathe in the river without wearing clothes. Because according to belief, bathing in the river without wearing clothes causes Varun Dosh. At the same time, the Nritya Gopal temple of Lord Krishna is also present on the banks of Chir Ghat.

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Vanshivat Ghat

Vanshivat Ghat of Vrindavan is also famous for Rasleela. It is believed that when Krishna played the flute at Vanshivat Ghat, all the gopis, including Radha Rani, used to start dancing mesmerized. On this Ghat, Radha Rani and all the Gopis used to perform Maharas throughout the night by getting lost in the tune of the flute. Due to which even today many devotees coming to Vrindavan do not forget to participate in Maharas of Vansighat.

Jagannath Ghat

The name of Jagannath Ghat is also included in the famous Ghats of Vrindavan. According to mythology, Lord Jagannath’s chariot stopped at this ghat for the first time after leaving Puri on the banks of Yamuna river. After which the temple of Lord Jagannath was also established here.

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