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DJI Unveils New Drone For Educational Purposes | Drones launched to strengthen education, it will help in learning engineering and mathematics


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New Delhi9 hours ago

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The education division of drone manufacturing company DJI has launched a new RoboMaster Tello Talent drone. RoboMaster Tello Talent (TT) is equipped with more powerful features than its older model. It has RoboMaster Tello EDU feature.

Gizmo Chine pointed out that a new extension board and more and more artificial intelligence (AI) applications make the device a very powerful education resource.

Made changes to its hardware and software
Compared to the previous model, it has improved hardware and software, focusing on better graphics, stability, user-centric interface and student development at all levels. The report states that there is an open-source computing chip and new swarming software. This device will prove to be a very important educational resource as well as an educational device.

Help in engineering and mathematics
The DJI Education Division aims to expand globally and collaborate with schools for access to resources, which will further enhance science technology engineering and mathematics (STEM) teaching. The device and its accompanying resources will certainly aid budding students in their study of robotics.

Focus on strengthening robotics ecosystem
DJI has continued development in robotics education since 2013. When he unveiled his robotics university’s summer camp. The company has gone on to make solid inroads into the robotics ecosystem, particularly in drones. In addition, the Chinese company also has a growing portfolio in the manufacture of drones for agricultural purposes.

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