Heart Disease | This sign gives before heart attack, contact the doctor immediately in case of such problems in the body

Heart Disease |  This sign gives before heart attack, contact the doctor immediately in case of such problems in the body

Representational Image

Representational Image

New Delhi : The cases of sudden deaths are increasing day by day not only in India but all over the world. Very young youth are also facing serious diseases like heart attack. The result of which is that people are facing death due to this disease. But do you know that when there is any kind of disease related to the heart, its symptoms start appearing on other parts of the body?

Today we are going to tell you about some similar symptoms. Due to heart disease, its symptoms (Heart Attack Symptoms) start appearing on other parts of the body.

excessive fatigue

People who have heart problems do not get enough blood flow to certain parts of their body. Due to this problem, the patient feels more difficulty in breathing and extremely tired.

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Indigestion problem

People suffering from this disease often feel indigestion. But most people do not pay much attention to this serious problem. But always be careful with it. If you are feeling uneasiness along with burning sensation in the chest and abdomen, take it seriously and consult a doctor.

Bloating and nausea problem –

Let us tell you that this symptom and problem is mostly seen in women. During this, women feel very restless. Not only this, before having chest pain, the person repeatedly feels that he is about to vomit.

chest tightness

People who suffer from this disease. They feel like heaviness and extreme tightness around the chest. This symptom can be a sign of heart related disease.

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