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It is too early to tell the need for a Kovid booster shot now: WHO scientist


WHO’s top scientist Soumya Swaminathan gave an answer to the questions arising regarding the corona vaccine. (symbolic)

Coronavirus: WHO Chief Scientist Soumya Swaminathan says, ‘We do not have any information that suggests whether a booster dose of corona vaccine is needed or not. The science sector is still developing.

New Delhi. These days in almost all countries of the world, a campaign of vaccination is going on to protect people from Coronavirus. Along with this, some countries and some pharma companies are preparing a booster shot of the vaccine to attack the more infectious variant of the corona virus (Covid 19). Meanwhile, according to health experts, it is too early to say anything on the need for this booster shot. At the same time, scientists around the world are also considering the suggestion of applying a dose of mixed vaccine.

According to the media report, Soumya Swaminathan, Chief Scientist of the World Health Organization (WHO), says, ‘We do not have any information that suggests whether a booster dose of the corona vaccine is needed or not. The science sector is still developing.

Swaminathan said that such talks have been done before the need. Whereas in most parts of the world more vulnerable individuals have not yet completed their first course of vaccination.

To avoid a surge in cases of corona infection in winter, a booster dose of corona vaccine is likely to be started in Britain. Health Secretary Matt Hancock said last month that seven different vaccines are being tested on volunteers in England as part of the world’s first booster study. While Soumya Swaminathan has also discussed mixed vaccine doses. He says that it seems that the doses of the mixed vaccine will prove to be more effective against the corona variant. He said, ‘Giving a dose of mixed vaccine would be a better step for those countries, which have given the first dose of vaccine to most of their citizens and are preparing for the second dose.’

According to media reports, according to data received from Britain, Spain and Germany, people have seen more pain, fever and other minor side effects after the dose applied of this ‘mix and match’ method.





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