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Joe Biden Vladimir Putin Meeting; Geneva Summit 2021 News | New Hope For Us Russia Diplomatic Relations In Geneva Summit | More and bigger issues of conflict, less issues of cooperation; Great hope of improvement in diplomatic relations


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Geneva3 minutes agoAuthor: Tridev Sharma

Joe Biden will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin today for the first time since becoming the President of the United States. The eyes of the world are on this conversation to be held in Geneva, Switzerland. The recent strain in relations between the two countries can be clearly seen. If Biden will have a plethora of allegations, Putin also knows that America is not in a position to face the challenges of Russia and China together during the pandemic. The extent to which the relationship is bad can be gauged from the fact that both the countries do not even have each other’s ambassadors.

security arrangements
Secret agents of both countries have already reached Geneva. Electronic surveillance is being done. Apart from this, drones and spyjets will also monitor the sky. Talking about ground security, about 3 thousand policemen will be deployed.

Why did the relationship deteriorate?
Started in 2014. Then Russia tried to annex Crimea by force. Then in 2016, when the US presidential elections were held, US intelligence agencies alleged that Russia was helping Donald Trump and the Republican Party. After this, there were allegations on the intelligence agencies of Russia that they are trying to steal the data of important companies of America in collusion with China. Russia denied all these allegations. The special thing is also that America never presented evidence. America wants the Putin government to release pro-democracy leader Alexei Nevelny. Russia calls it interference in internal affairs.

The statement increased the distance
Biden gave an interview to ABC News in March. It called Putin a murderer. On this, Putin challenged Biden for an open debate. Russia put America in the list of ‘unfriendly country’. Biden called Putin in April and invited talks. After this the meeting is taking place.

3 big issues of conflict

  • human rights : Biden wants Putin to release pro-democracy leader Alexei Nevelny. Remove the ban on his party. Give freedom to the media. Release of political prisoners. Two US citizens Paul Whelen (16 years sentence) and Trevor Reid (9 years sentence) be released. In return, Russia is demanding the release of two of its citizens. One of them is an arms and the other is a drug smuggler.
  • Diplomacy: In March, when Biden called Putin a ‘killer’, Russia withdrew its ambassador from Washington. A few days later, Moscow ordered American Ambassador John Sullivan to leave the country. Many more officers were evacuated by both the countries. Now multinational companies have also come under this tussle. It is believed that this issue will be resolved in the Biden-Putin meeting.
  • China : America wants Russia to now put pressure on China to share evidence and medical documents on Corona Origin. Apart from this, stop China’s antics in Hong Kong, Taiwan and South China Sea. Russia has so far argued in favor of China on Corona Origin. The US also wants Russia to be a part of its initiative to stop Iran’s nuclear program, but it does not seem that Biden will succeed on this matter, because Russia is looking after its own interests.

Why won’t there be a joint press conference?
Everyone is surprised that after the meeting, both the leaders will not come together and hold separate press conferences. According to ‘Moscow Times’ – the reason for this is that both the leaders want to talk directly and want to present their side in detail. This arrangement has been made so that no wrong message is sent from the first meeting. Biden will answer questions from the media around the world. Putin will only talk to Russian media.

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