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Kutumb app becomes new partner of organizations in Corona era, getting free payment gateway facility


New Delhi. The Kutumb Application has emerged as an important platform for the continuation of the activities of organizations in the Corona period. After the onset of the epidemic and the implementation of the Corona Guideline, when all the work started to stop and people were unable to seek help from their people and do their work, the Kutumb App has emerged as a boon. This application is the brainchild of Abhishek Kejriwal of IIT Bombay. This time when we spoke to Swatantra Varma, who studied from IIT Kanpur, Business Head of Kutumb Applications, he told that this is a completely indigenous and recognized application under Start Up India by the Government of India. On the family, the organization makes its own private account and then the organization can add its people on it. On Kutumb, you can connect people of your organization in a much better way than foreign apps like Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram and strengthen your organization and keep your thoughts for discussion among your loved ones. Free payment gateway facility Varma said that during the Corona period, many authentic social organizations are also collecting donations on this, so that they are getting the support and power of the general public in helping all the people. This platform is also providing the facility of free payment gateway, which NGOs and social service organizations are taking advantage of during the pandemic. Earlier these organizations had to contact the middlemen to make donations, which led to reports of misappropriation of funds, but now people associated with these institutions or those affected by the functioning of the institutions can make direct online donations through the payment gateway and The donation is deposited directly in the registered account of the organization and receipt of the donated amount is also received. On the condition of keeping the name confidential, the president of an institution said that where half of the donations received by the organization could not reach the organization first. Was there, now we are able to do double relief work for the poor already, who was working as a life donor especially during the time of this pandemic. The rest of the Kutumba app and other features are benefiting the people of the organization in some way. What are its main features? 1. Secure and private app for the organization 2. Separate information board for all key announcements and notifications to each member, 100% access (less than 5% access on Facebook) 3. Registered organization collecting donations for social work 4. Digital ID Card – Granting digital membership is easy for the organization 5. Chat groups – Group chat without any limit (Whatsapp 256 Member Only) 6. Leaderboard of member – Who is adding how many people 7. Live audio Negotiation with all members simultaneously without limit More than 10 thousand organizations have joined this platform In view of its features, more than 10,000 organizations have joined this application. Among these the main institutions are 1. NOPRUF (National Old Pension Restoration United Front) 2. All India MNREGA Employees Federation, New Delhi 3. Corona Yoddha Employees Council 4. All India Ayurveda Doctors & Students Association 5. Physical Education and Sports Development Committee 6. Maratha Federation 7. All Gujarat Nursing Union 8. All India Professional Photographers (AIPP) 9. Akhil Bhartiya Pharmacist Association 10. Railway Employees Family 11. Indian Artists Association 12. Saloon And Parlor Association 13. Mission Teaching Dialogue 14. Chief Minister Public Welfare Scheme Publicity Campaign (CMJKYPPA) 15. Bhartiya Kisan Union, BKU 16. Uttar Pradesh Agricultural Students Association 17. Delhi University Student and Alumni Group 18. TEACHING WITH TLM 19. Poultry Professional 20. Teachers of Bihar BKU uses technology to give a big edge to the movement Significantly, the Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU) used this application to give an edge to their movement in the Corona period. This application was launched by BKU on 12 February and on this day, 30 thousand people were added to this application. Apart from this, this application is also being used for the agitation being run across the country for the restoration of old pension, in which efforts are being made to reach this campaign to 66 lakh employees. For some organizations such as All India Pharmacists Association and All India Professional Photographers Association, it has been possible for the first time to make members across the country through family.


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