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Naftali Bennett Becomes Israel Prime Minister; All You Need To Know About Us Company Co-founder Cyota | Naftali Bennett became Prime Minister of Israel, also recognized as a fundamentalist Jew and big businessman; Know important things about them


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A coalition government of eight parties has been formed in Israel. Naftali Bennett took the oath of office on Sunday night. Bennett is known as a fundamentalist Jew. Apart from this, he is also the owner of some big tech companies. Also served as Chief of Staff for two years. Call it a coincidence or something else, Bennett has become the prime minister, replacing the same Benjamin Netanyahu, who is considered his political mentor. Netanyahu had to lose the chair and that was only due to the lack of an MP. Here we try to know some things about the new Israeli Prime Minister Bennett.

Radical itself, but all kinds of parties in coalition
Bennett is mostly Jewish wearing a cap (kippa). They do not believe in the existence of Palestine. He says that there is only Israel in this region, but his tone was changed while proving majority on Sunday. The name of Ram Party is surprising in this alliance. It is a party of Arab-Muslims. Mansoor Abbas is its leader. In addition, left-wing and central-minded parties are also part of the Coalition. Bennett is now talking about the development of Arab-Israeli Muslims and the improvement of education.

no support for Palestine
Bennett openly opposed the independence of Palestine and its creation hundreds of times. Emphasized Jewish settlements in the West Bank and Jerusalem. The world considers it a threat to Israeli stubbornness and peace. When Barack Obama was US President, and asked Netanyahu to stop the work of the Jewish settlements, Bennett opposed it. He was also the chief of the West Bank Settlers’ Council before becoming an MP in 2013.

Johann Plesner, chief of the Israel Democracy Institute and a good friend of Bennett, says there is no doubt that Bennett is a staunch right-wing leader with a very strict stance on security matters, but he is also very practical.

Netanyahu fight
Bennett, 49, is the father of four children. At some point Netanyahu had a very close aide. But later the distance increased. He does not agree with Netanyahu’s policy regarding the Middle East. Netanyahu made him Chief of Staff. It is said that due to the political interference of Netanyahu’s wife Sarah, Bennett turned away from him. During a TV debate in March, Bennett said – I will never allow Yer Lapid, the leader of the centrist party, to become prime minister.

The interesting thing is that Bennett not only joined hands with these same Yer Lapid to remove Netanyahu from power, but according to the terms of the alliance, Yer Lapid will become Prime Minister in September 2023. Now Netanyahu’s supporters are calling Bennett a fraud and a betrayer of voters. At the same time, Bennett says that whatever he did he did for the unity of the country and to save it from elections.

house in tel aviv
Bennett lives in the safe and beautiful city of Tel Aviv, Israel. Always wear kippa. His critics ask why he does not live in the ghettos that Israel has built in the West Bank or Jerusalem and which Bennett has always supported. Bennett’s parents were born in America, but he was born in the city of Haifa. He remained in the military, then became a law student and then entered the private sector. He is said to be modern, religious and nationalistic.

owners of big companies
Bennett also served in Seret, the commando unit of the Israel Military. In 1999, he formed the anti-fraud software company ‘Kyota’. In 2005 it was sold to the US-based RSA security firm for $145 million.

Bennett says that in 2006, when there was a war between Israel and Lebanese terrorist organization Hezbollah, he decided to enter politics. The war did not yield any results, but the Israeli army and government faced criticism in the country. He is considered the leader of the third generation.

Columnist Anchel Pfeiffer of the Israeli newspaper ‘Heratz’ says – Bennett is nationalist, but not stubborn. Religious, but not fanatical. Soldiers, but live a life of ash-o-comfort. Tech Entrepreneurs and earn millions of dollars through their companies. His political innings may not be very long.

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