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PM Modi’s approval rating at 66%. ahead of US President Biden. Germany’s Merkel | Modi left behind the leaders of 13 countries including America; 66% people like him, only 3 leaders got more than 60% marks


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  • PM Modi’s Approval Rating At 66%. Ahead Of US President Biden. Germany’s Merkel

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s popularity remains intact even after the second wave of the Corona epidemic and its ill-effects in India. Modi tops the ranking of global leaders in a survey by American data intelligence firm Morning Consult. His popularity has got 66% number out of 100.

Leaders from 13 countries including the US, UK, Russia, Australia, Canada, Brazil, France and Germany were included in this survey. However, the survey states that Modi’s popularity has declined by 20% in the last one year. Yet by the beginning of June, 66% of people like Modi.

2,126 people from India included in the survey
The survey covered 2,126 people from India. In this 28% people also disapproved of Modi’s popularity. In the survey, the leaders of only 3 countries have a rating above 60. In the survey, Modi is followed by Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi. His rating is 65%. After this, Mexico’s President Lopez Obrador is at number three. Their rating is 63%.

Morning Consult Political Intelligence tracks the approval ratings of leaders from the US, India, France, Japan, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, Spain and the UK and updates its page with new data every week does.

Improved ranking by address to the nation
The US agency has considered Modi’s address to the nation on June 7 as a way to improve the ranking. In this he made many announcements. Addressing the nation, Modi had announced free vaccines for all people above 18 years of age. He also talked about supplying 75 percent of the vaccine to the state governments. In his address to the nation, Modi had promised to provide free ration to 80 crore poor by November.

Which leader’s ranking?
1. Narendra Modi: 66%
2. Mario Draghi (Italy): 65%
3. Lopez Obrador (Mexico): 63%
4. Scott Morrison (Australia): 54%
5. Angela Merkel (Germany): 53%
6. Joe Biden (USA): 53%
7. Justin Trudeau (Canada): 48%
8. Boris Johnson (UK): 44%
9. Moon Jae-in (South Korea): 37%
10. Pedro Sanchez (Spain): 36%
11. Jair Bolsonaro (Brazil): 35%
12. Emmanuel Macron (France): 35%
13. Yoshihide Suga (Japan): 29%

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