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PUBG Game Battlegrounds Mobile India | Battlegrounds Mobile India Pre Registration Starts From Today, Explained | Bain Pabji now returns under the name Battlegrounds Mobile India after tensions on the border with China; Pre-registration from today, know everything


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41 minutes agoAuthor: Ravindra Bhajani

Popular mobile game player Unknown Battlegrounds ie PUBG or PUBG has returned to India after nine months. With new rules, new avatars and new names. The title is – Battlegrounds Mobile India. On 6 May, South Korean company Krafton Inc., which created this Mortal Combat Game, announced its return to India on social media. Pre-registration will begin from May 18. The official launch is expected in June. The company is going to give rewards to those who will pre-register on this game. Let’s know all about this popular game, which is important for you to know …

Where will I be able to pre-register?

  • The game will be available for both Android and iOS. Pre-registrations for this will begin on the Google Play Store from May 18. The pre-registration date for Battlegrounds Mobile India game on Apple’s App Store will be announced later.
  • To pre-register you go to the Google Play Store. Search the Battlegrounds Mobile India game. Then on May 18, enter all the information related to registration by tapping on the ‘Pre-Register’ button available on it.
  • By the way, it will be available for free to play the game. But in-app purchases, there will be an option to buy other accessories like skin, weapons. It will be just like the old Pabji. The pre-registrant will get UC (cash used to buy clothes, weapons in the app), clothes, skin or anything else at the launch of the game.

When will the official launch?

  • By the way, Crafton announced its arrival on social media on 6 May. Then the teaser came and the video on YouTube. After that the pre-registration was revealed. That is, no official launch date has been given. According to game analysts and commentators, the official launch will be in June, the date of which has not been stated yet.

How different will Battlegrounds Mobile India be with PUBG?

  • So far it has not been completely cleared. According to Crafton, this game will be for India only. That is, neither outsiders will be able to participate in it nor will Indian players face foreign players.
  • Children below 18 years of age will not get to play. They will be able to play this game from their parents’ mobiles. However, it is not clear how the game will confirm the user’s age.
  • A lot of changes have been made inside the game from PUBG Mobile. The mechanics used when playing the game will be different. Users also will not be able to make transactions of more than Rs 7,000 on this app.
  • Violence on this will be less compared to PUBG Mobile India. There will also be no blood effect in Battleground Mobile India. That means there will be bloodshed, but will not be seen. A maximum of 3 hours of playtime will be available in a day.
  • Battlegrounds Mobile India will have its own eSports ecosystem, leagues and tournaments. The company has said that events, gameplace characters have been made in this game keeping India in mind. Have tried to be user-friendly.
  • A location like Sanhok Map will look like PUBG Mobile. The picture that Krafton shared on social media is of the Ban Tai area of ​​Sanhok in PUBG. This is a dock where players in Pabji used to loot heavily. It is estimated that the map of Battlegrounds Mobile India will also be similar to PUBG Mobile.
  • Crafton has asked content creators not to name PUBG Mobile when talking about Battlegrounds Mobile India. The company does not want the two to be compared. Maps are kept one-by-one. It is not yet clear whether the names will be the same, Sanhok, Vikendi, Miramar and Erangel Maps can also appear on it.

What will happen to the accessories purchased on old accounts?

  • last PubG Mobile had 175 million downloads at the time of the ban in September. It had 50 million monthly active users. In many accounts, users had spent a lot of money buying accessories. In the new account, the accessories will be the same.
  • According to professional PUBG mobile player TSM Deadly, PUBG Mobile players will get their old inventory back on the Battleground Mobile India account. Ghatak responded to users’ queries on Battlegrounds Mobile India on Instagram recently. He has also put a video on YouTube on frequently asked questions.

Why was PUBG banned, how is it coming now?

  • Last year, the Chinese military in Ladakh had banned more than 400 apps related to China after a border dispute. Even though PUBG was created by South Korean company Krafton, it was brought to India by Chinese company Tencent under the name of PUBG Mobile India. Because of this it was banned.
  • One of the major reasons for the ban was a Chinese law, under which Chinese companies would have to keep their servers in the country. It was feared that data of Indian users playing PUBG was being collected in China. Because of this, Kraften has brought his game to India under Chinese name without Chinese intervention.
  • Battlegrounds Mobile India has tried to address the objections related to data localization and security requirements, due to which the Government of India had banned it. Its servers will be in India and Singapore. The PUBG mobile version was banned, but the console and PC versions remained unaffected.

What happened in the gaming market when PUBG was banned?

  • Ban on PUBG benefited from games like Call of Duty, Free Fire. Apart from this, Indian Games also tried to fill the space left by PUBG. PUBG was a major platform for Indian eSports and gaming business when it was banned.
  • Meanwhile, Reliance Jio collaborated with US chipset manufacturer Qualcomm on the Jio Games platform. The Call of Duty Mobile eSports Challenge has started on 1 April 2021. The registration in the Battle Royal single-stage tournament is free and a prize money of Rs 3.6 lakh is at stake in this tournament.
  • Apart from this, Indian games like Fearless and United Guards (FAU-G) were also launched on the Google Play Store. According to nCore Games, which developed FAU-G, it got 1.05 million pre-registrations on the Play Store in 24 hours. The FAU-G was announced in September 2020 after the PUBG was banned.

What is India’s position in mobile gaming?

  • India is currently in the top 5 countries in the world of mobile gaming. It is moving fast towards the top-3. Battlegrounds Mobile India is going to play an important role in this. India’s mobile gaming market is expected to reach 1.6 billion dollars (11 thousand crore rupees) by 2025. The reason for this is the increasing use of smartphones and the Internet. Casual gaming has gained popularity with this.
  • Lokesh Suji, the voice president of the Asian eSports Federation and director of the eSports Federation of India, says Krafton’s move will play an important role in strengthening the eSports ecosystem in India. Local gamers will get a boost.
  • According to Tarun Gupta, founder of Ultimate Battle, India’s first one-stop eSports platform, we will be adding Battlegrounds India to our platform as soon as possible. We expect Battlegrounds India to get over one million downloads within a week of its launch.

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