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Swara Bhaskar said- 3-4 brands broke the deal after campaigning | Bhaskar Interview: Swara Bhaskar said – 3-4 brands broke the deal for campaigning, then when they opposed NRC, one brand was thrown out


3 hours agoAuthor: Umesh Kumar Upadhyay

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Actress Swara Bhaskar’s short film ‘Dobaara Alvida’ has been released recently. Gulshan Devaiah is his co-star in the film. During a special conversation with Dainik Bhaskar, she shared personal-professional things as well as things related to the film and told that when she was campaigning, 3-4 brands broke the deal with her and then when she opposed the NRC. Then a brand had thrown them out.

Q.What was the main motive of joining the short film ‘Dobara Alvida’?
A.Look, ‘Dobara Alvida’ is a very sweet story. I think this is an experience that must have happened to everyone in the world. We all know this experience to say goodbye to someone you have been close to, whom you love, say goodbye to them, yet still have something outstanding. This is a very relatable story. By the way, director Shashank Singh is a very good friend of mine. He has always helped me a lot. I knew that I would support them when they take steps in the phase of life. But when I read the script, it felt great. Let’s do one that happens, friend. But one happens that they happily want to join, because it is a great project. It was a great project for me, so I happily agreed to be a part of it. The story has a simplicity and truth to it emotionally, which I liked. The second Gulshan Devaiah’s name was revealed, then there was more happiness, because he is a talented actor. I hadn’t worked with him, so thought this was a good opportunity.

Q.The film tells the story of the separation of two lovers. Would you share any incident of meeting with a friend, relative, which is interesting and touching?
A.Fortunately, I have never met such a person in a car or a cab. In the meetings that happened, I knew that this person was going to be found. If you ask like this, I love meeting my teacher because I have had good teachers in my life. In fact, when we are young, we know them for fear, authority, discipline, etc. They never recognize their humanity that that woman will also have a husband, she must be tired, she must also have some ambitions and desires. We don’t even think about it. We are knowing about the person who is beating and punishing. Now when I meet my teacher, then her humanity is visible. He finds me very touching and touches my heart. I love meeting my teacher.

Q.What was interesting about working with Gulshan Devaiah?
A.The interesting thing about Gulshan is that I have not seen a more sincere, hardworking and energetic actor than him. He used to reach the set half an hour before the call time everyday, while I used to get late. In this way, for the number of days the shooting went on, I started with apologizing to Gulshan. We used to live nearby, so after a few days I said that I will pick you up while leaving or you will leave when I call you. Waking up that morning while drinking tea, Gulshan’s calls started coming. He called me every ten minutes, then I said oh my god! This boy…. Finally I said that you leave now. Then when I went to the set, he started saying that Swara! Because of your time table, my BP has become high. I will come on my own time, you have no problem to come comfortably. They are so sincere that they do everything with great dedication. We used to joke that there is so much maturity in you that it seems that I am talking to some sage or saint or I have come to take advice from my grandfather. One day I decided that I would name it Banyan. Standing in its place like a banyan tree and standing firm and watching the world for a long time, he should know the truths of the whole universe. I have learned these things from Gulshan only.

Q.You are outspoken, whereas the Bollywood industry is a different world. Have you ever suffered because of this?
A.Obviously, the environment we live in. There is so much fear in it, so much polarization that it is obvious that it has to bear the brunt. Earlier I used to hide this thing, I was ashamed. Then after going somewhere I understood that it was not my fault in this. On the contrary, I am a victim of this thing. I am being punished for expressing my opinion. There are constitutional values ​​or ideals in our country and if I have to suffer for talking about them, then what can I say. There were three or four brands in it, which broke the deal with me. In the year 2019, the campaign I did for six candidates. Among them were Kanhaiya, Amra Ram, Digvijay and three from the Aam Aadmi Party. After that three or four brands said that we want non-political actresses. After this, during the NRC Protest, a brand was endorsing, that brand said that our name has been insulted by the protest you have joined. They kicked me out of that brand. Many people in the industry told me that look, people think that you are very controversial, you are trouble, afraid to take you, now what can I do with these things. Now whoever comes on the path on which you have set out, will have to walk through it. I always believe that whatever I say, I am not saying it for fun. I am speaking because I believe in those things. It’s my faith, these are my ideals, my values, now it’s okay to suffer a little for those things or to stand up and fight for those things. Will do that much.

Q.You have a different image among people. What would you say in your praise? what kind of girl are you?
A.People will tell about me. Yes, I am very different from what I have imagined in the public mind through social sites. People say that she is a very fearless, outspoken girl, but in fact I am very timid. I am most afraid of lizards. If a lizard is seen in my room, I go crazy. People are very surprised to hear this. I am a big house girl. I have the flag, the flag and the front… all this is inside me. But I have no rebellion in the matter of family. I love children, old people and relatives, my friends keep joking about it that you have already become a very big daughter-in-law. I am quite an easy going girl and connected with family. I don’t like fights at all. Meaning I will do arguments and political discussions, but I really don’t like the fights that happen. I omit him.

Q.What are the upcoming films and what kind of character are you playing in them?
A.I am doing the film ‘Jahan Chaar Yaar’. Its shoot is going on right now, but it had to be stopped due to Kovid-19. Our co-actor Mehr Vij had got corona. We will go back to Goa in September to finish shooting. Also the film ‘Sheer Khorma’ is now going to the International Film Festival. His announcement has come and it is good news for all of us.

Q.Out of all the characters you have played so far, which character took the most time to come out of it?
A.It took me a long time to get out of the character of Anarkali of Aarah. I didn’t even realize how much anger was filled with the Anarkali character in me. How angry is that character in me? I couldn’t understand why I was getting angry all the time. Why am I so angry? After all what is happening! I realized that when you are an actor, you try so hard to get into the character, but do nothing to get out of the character. I had never thought of this before. When you get so much into the character, then the mind will find a way out of it, but I did not give it a way out. Can’t believe I used to fight with people during Anarkali of Aarah. I used to get so angry, whereas in real life, I don’t fight at all. It took me a year to understand what was happening to me. That was a very strange time. But Anarkali’s character was so full of anger that it had a different effect on me. Then I figured out a way to get out of the character.

Q.After all, what method do you use to come out of the character?
A.After playing a role, I go on leave. I travel, go to some new place and cut off from normal life. Then I see and do something new. It is always my endeavor to have a small workshop between two films. Second, I type a psychotherapy. I understand in a pompous way what took away from the character, what made a big difference. There was no difference in some of the earlier characters. Like in ‘Nil Battey Sannata’ I didn’t even need to leave because he was such a positive and cheerful character.

Q.How did your perspective change after doing the film ‘Sheer Korma’?
A.I have always been in favor of equal rights, be it gay or anyone else. It has not changed my view in such a big way. This is a non-binary gender issue regarding gender. Some people want to consider themselves not a boy or a girl, but something different. I had no idea about this gender issue. After doing this film, I understood the whole issue and it was a big learning for me.

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