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These oximeter will tell pulse rate and oxygen in 8 seconds; let the Corona treatment in the right time | These 5 oximeters will tell the oxygen level and pulse rate in the body; Will help in the treatment of corona


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  • These Oximeter Will Tell Pulse Rate And Oxygen In 8 Seconds; Let The Corona Treatment In The Right Time

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New Delhi16 hours ago

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In the second wave of corona virus, the biggest problem is falling below the oxygen level. Doctors say that getting treatment at the right time is the right way to avoid this virus. For this, the most important thing is to take care of the blood oxygen level. In such a situation, the pulse oximeter applied to the finger has become very important. With this, you can monitor the oxygen level of the body at home.

1.AQ Shure FS20 C Pulse Oximeter
Its price is the lowest at 1,999. AQ Shure’s oximeter claims that it will check SpO2 level, heart rate and pulse strength in 8 seconds. This device can be fitted with a battery with a remote.

2. Dr. Vaku Swadeshi Pulse Oximeter
Its price is 2170 rupees. It can be operated easily. It has an accuracy of SpO2 and pulse rate of ± 2 percent. With the help of this, you can check the heart rate in 6 seconds. It can be used with children over 5 years of age. It has an OLED display. By which the reading can be easily seen even in low light. You can adjust the display light. It is light weight and can be carried easily. It takes two batteries with a remote. It comes with a 6-month warranty.

3.Microtech Pulse Oximeter
The price of Microtech Pulse Oximeter is Rs 2,499. It is equipped with LED display. In which you can adjust the brightness of the display. Users can see the result in any direction.

4. Otica Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter
The Otica Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter has 4 directional displays. It comes with automatic power off mode.

5.Wandle Pulse Oximeter
It is priced at 2,999. It also tells the level and heart rate of SpO2 in 8 seconds.

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