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Twitter’s paid service Twitter Blue’s price has not been fixed for India, know what is special


Twitter Blue will have premium features.

In addition to undoing tweets in Twitter Blue premium features, there will be a chance to review and revise tweets.

New Delhi. micro blogging site Twitter has clean did is that Her subscription Service Twitter Blue of for India In price now decide No did Gone is. condition hee In Apple’s App Store On this Service of for price gave Gone was. Twitter Blue In premium Features Will be. in these Tweets To Undo do Include is. ayemoment of app Store In this Service of for price 269 Rupees Told Gone was.

Twitter has Thursday To Australia And Canada In mine new subscription Service start to do of Declaration of was. In countries In him first Test did will go. its after India including other countries In him launch to do of Plan is. financial express of Report In Twitter of Spokesman of handover from said Gone is that now subscription Service of for price In college in these two countries of for decide happen is. its meaning is that India In ayemoment of app Store On gave Gone price OK No is.

country In this Service To launch to do On Twitter of And from price Told will go. India In condition of days In Twitter And Center Government of between Controversy Too increased is. Twitter of Office In police of One Team inquiry of for Too gone was. him taking Twitter resentment expressed was. Twitter Blue Service Twitter app In hee given Will go in this users To premium Features of use to do of for payment do Will happen.

Tweets To Apart from Undo, these features will also be available

Twitter Blue premium Features In Tweets To Undo do Include is. In this feature, the user will get a chance to review and revise the tweet. Before passing it on to his followers. Apart from this, the feature of bookmark folder will also be available in it. It also has Reader Mode in which Keep up with Twitter threads by turning them into easy-to-read long format text.

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So Twitter will not be free going forward

After bringing the company’s paid subscription plan, questions arose whether Twitter would not be free going forward. On this the company says that this will not happen. Free Twitter will never stop.

You can also login from Android

The company has clarified that users who subscribe to Twitter Blue from iOS can get some features to a large extent if they log in from Android with the same account. But till now the company has not experienced it. Twitter says that at present it has only released Twitter Blue for iOS in Canada and Australia.


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