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Windows 11 information leaked ahead of launch, UI and Start menu changed


New Delhi. Veteran tech company Microsoft is going to make a big change in the Windows operating system for personal computer users. It is believed that Windows 11 can be launched on June 24. Although information about Windows 11 has been leaked before the Microsoft event. Screenshots of Windows 11 have been found on the Chinese website Baidu.

The new version of Windows is coming with a new interface. Many changes have been made in it like a new start menu, rounded corners. With the new update, a new Windows logo will also be introduced. XDA Developers says that this is the blue Microsoft logo. Most of the UI in the leaked image is visible on the new Sun Valley design theme.

New start button and menu
The biggest change in this can be the taskbar. It is now centered and has a new start button and menu. The Start menu is without live tiles and has a quick shutdown/restart button for pinned apps, recent files, and Windows 11 devices.

Expected to come with support for Dark Mode
There is also an option to move the app icons and start menu to the left. Windows 11 is also expected to come with support for Dark Mode. Another change in Windows 11 is the use of rounded corners. Key elements of the UI like Start Menu, File Explorer, Context Menu are provided with rounded corners.

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XDA Developers has told that there has also been a big change in Windows Search. Users will now be able to filter by apps, documents, settings. New snap controls have been provided in Windows 11 which can be accessed through the Maximize button.


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